Another Qi Gong Story

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Many years ago in ancient China there was a Monk whose job was to travel the countryside and visit all of the monasteries to meet the other Monks and visit with them.   While traveling on his rounds one day, he found a monastery that he had never before seen.  It wound up a trail that twisted and turned up a small mountain.  The surroundings were beautiful with many pleasant scented colorful trees and bushes. led to a small attractive building where he encountered the old man who had built and tended to the Temple.  A small statue of Buddha sat inside the entrance.    The host monk provided delicious fruits from his trees and vegetables from his garden and they spent the day together talking, practicing Dao Yin, chanting and meditating.

While they were chanting, the traveling monk corrected the his host.  “The chant’s correct wording  is  Om mani pahdme hum while you are saying  “Om mani pahme ho”.    and that does not make sense.” said the head monk.    His host was quite embarrassed and humbly took the correction to heart and promised to do it correctly in the future.

The next day the traveling monk left to continue his rounds.

The following year, the head monk was eager to revisit the picturesque holy place during his travels.  But when he arrived, he was surprised to find that the magical glow and Qi was missing from the monastery and surroundings.  He rushed into the temple to visit the old monk to inquire of his well being.   When he encountered the man, he asked him “Is there something wrong?”   His host told him that he was fine, but didn’t know what had changed.  “I have been concentrating working diligently to correct my chanting after I had been doing  it wrong for many years.   I have dedicated my life to not make such a stupid mistake again, ever.”  He said.

The Elder Monk knew immediately the problem and felt disappointed in himself for not handling the situation better the previous year.   He told his host that he was not wrong in his chanting.  And although the words were different from those which were taught in Buddhism,   He told him that the words truly didn’t matter.   The next day he left the monk and his monastery.

The next year the entire mountainside, the monk and the temple were again glowing  with abundant beauty and Qi.

What can we learn from this story that Master Peng had told me several years ago?            Well I learned what I have heard from several Masters over the years.   That the most important ingredients to any practice are ENTHUSIAM AND SINCERITY.  It matters not the movements that you do, or the words that you use.   Gracefulness, and correctness of movements or postures are not important.  Pronunciation of words matter not.

Simply practice, chant, meditate and live life in JOY with STRONG INTENTION and ATTENTION.  Simply be present in all of your practices, tasks, and daily life.  This will keep your Qi flowing unimpeded and you will be healthy and thrive.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy    –    Allen

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