QiGong it’s all about FLOW

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QiGong is all about the flow of energy throughout our body.    DaoYin is the original traditional Chinese Medicine name for what we now call Qi Gong.             The words Dao and Yin mean Guiding and … Continued


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In ancient China it was the custom of families to send promising students to study with leaned Monks or wise teachers to advance their education.  There was one such revered teacher at a monastery in a province many years ago. … Continued

Qi Gong Home Practice

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Whether you are new and just starting a Qi Gong practice, or are looking to enhance your practice at home, there are some tools on my Website that will help. On the Home Page there is a place to click … Continued

Outdoor Practice

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    Fresh air and Sunshine are the easiest sources of Qi to tap.   Taking a walk outdoors, or even sitting in nature and reading a book will replenish your reservoirs of Qi.   Practicing QiGong, Yoga, or exercising … Continued


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I have found the Empowering the Four Golden Wheels exercises, as taught by Master Robert Peng to be the most powerful quick complete daily routine that I have ever learned.  So I teach it in each of my classes.    … Continued