Spinal-Cord-Streches-For-Better-HealthBody Tune Up Exercise For Flexibility

Some people may feel that they have the need to address weaknesses or problems with various areas of their bodies.  I have studied Yoga based exercises with a chiropractor in New York City and have dealt with my own limitations and need for pain relief stemming from a birth defect called Club Foot.  Due to an imbalance in the length of my legs and a size differential in my feet, I need to perform some Yoga based alignment and flexibility exercises daily.  I have been teaching them to students for years and am happy to create a personal program for those interested.   Some of them have been featured in a four page article in SELF MAGAZINE several years ago.  And I have authored the Body Shop Exercise Program.

Body Tune Up exercising is a great for opening the space between vertebrae with stretches and free up movements and improve flexibility for your body.

Starting with the cervical (neck area) of the spine we will work our way down, gently opening the space between vertebrae with stretches and movement freeing and decompressing any impingement on the nerves. We will improve posture, stretch, strengthen and tone all of the major muscles of the body while standing, kneeling or lying on mats.

Private Lessons are available by appointment at your home.

Adaptations to the exercises can be made to benefit even those that have limited mobility or are confined to wheel chairs. I have worked with stroke victims, post natal mothers and I can consult with your therapist or doctor to co-create a program to suit your needs.


* If anyone is under the care of a Physician or Medical Professional, or has had surgery in the past year we encourage you to consult with her/him and get clearance before starting any new exercise  program.