Fall/Winter Qi Gong

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Well we’re well into Autumn and soon to be entering Winter. This means that if we’re playing with our Qi Gong practice outdoors or even when hiking and enjoying the trails, we may wish to generate a bit more heat to stay comfortable and energized.
How can we accomplish this? How can we increase the Qi Flow to spread warmth and stimulate our bodies?

One simple way is to breathe a bit more dynamically and possibly alter the speed of our movements.
Intentionally inhale deeply into our middle dantien and while inflating our lungs think of stoking the heat producing fire of you heart.

The bouncing and shaking movements of Master Robert Peng that I teach in class is also an effective heat producer and Qi flow stimulator. Also the tapping and patting techniques from the beginning of my classes work well.
So, get outside and enjoy the changing seasons.
I’m heading out into the snow as soon as I finish this blog.

Big Qi to all,

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