Group Qigong Class in Asheville

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       Qigong Class in Asheville on Saturdays

The class is held at Dragon Phoenix, 51 North Merrimon Avenue, in Reynolds Village, Suite 109, every Saturday beginning on April 1.  The time is 10:45-11:45am.

The space is beautiful, light and spacious.  They have installed a ‘floating’ floor that is quite comfortable.    And exercise mats are provided, so in addition to the basic standing work, we can also practice floor exercises.   Chairs also available for seated work and those that need support or rest.  The location is convenient and provides plenty of free parking. (directions are on the Dragon Phoenix Website – there is a Kung Fu and Tai Chi banner is in front)

The class is entitled Qigong/Dao Yin.    Dao Yin translates to, Dao – guiding and Yin -leading (of Qi life force energy) and is the ancient Chinese name for what we now call Qi Gong.

I will be teaching poses, and forms to cultivate and enhance the flow of Qi.   And I hope to provide the tools for students to practice on your own at home to enhance well being and increase your vitality.

Students can pre-register and pay by going to the Dragon Phoenix website.  QiGong/Dao Yin is found in the Dro In section of the website and on the Schedule of Classes.   I look forward to seeing you there.

Email me at for more information.

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