Outdoor Practice

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    Fresh air and Sunshine are the easiest sources of Qi to tap.   Taking a walk outdoors, or even sitting in nature and reading a book will replenish your reservoirs of Qi.   Practicing QiGong, Yoga, or exercising seem to be more enjoyable in the breezes while serenaded by birdsongs, so I love it when the weather starts to get warmer and I can go out and play.

Master Robert Peng shared with one of his recent classes that the purpose of Qi Gong is to “make this world your home”.  Those of you who practice learn that most of the movements and postures connect us with Earth below and Heaven above.  We become the link between the two and become a conduit of the life force energy.

Qi Gong is the modern name for the Chinese art that used to be known as DaoYin.   There are many meanings to all of the Chinese word/symbols.    This adds a interpretation and discovery factor that allows us to get widely different benefits from each movement and posture.   Where you put your attention, as well as how you practice, and even inhaling or exhaling while practicing can result in what you experience.

When I first heard the term DaoYin.   I assumed that the meaning was derived from Dao, or ‘the way’, and Yin, the opposite of Yang.   I recently learned from Andrew Nugent Head, who speaks fluent Chinese, that in this case Dao means guiding, and Yin means leading.   After correcting my misconception and practicing with this ‘new’ knowledge, I realized that each movement in the same forms that I have been practicing for many years had a guiding or leading component.   And I could change the qulity of the flow of Qi by changing my breathing patterns and experimenting.

Andrew says that each movement, exercise, or posture that we practice is simply an acronym for the multitude of discoveries that we can enjoy.   

Roger Jahnke, another teacher that I have studied with says it in a different way, that you may have heard me mention in classes.   He has a gift for the English language and says the “the movements are kinesthetic metaphors”.     

So feel free to freestyle or ‘jam’ with any of the movements that you learn and improvise and experiment with what you feel on any particular day or moment by moment.   Enjoy yourself and play. 

    I wish you all good Qi and health.   



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