Qi Gong Class Schedule for Spring 2019

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   Hello all, I’m back from my Florida trip to see Mom and aid her recovery from her broken ankle.  I would like to thank all of you that sent their prayers and encouragement to Mom and I.    She’s recovering well and is putting a lot of effort into her daily physical therapy so the results are amazing.  At 93 years old I was not sure what to expect of her work ethic.  But she is even surprising herself and that shifted her attitude and outlook on life.  – a friendly cycle!

The trip afforded me much Qi Gong and Yoga practice time on Sarasota’s beautiful Lido Beach.   It’s quite different to practice on the sand in a bathing suit while caressed by the gentle breeze and warm sunshine after a Winter of playing in Qi Gong’s moving meditation while facing Little Pisgah Mountain here in Fairview’s picturesque Old Fort Road/Cane Creek Valley mountain weather.

Any time I travel, one of the first things that I do when arriving to look at the sun, determine which way is East and do the Primordial Qi Gong Form taught to me by Master Jahnke.   This unique set of movements, as you may know, involves bringing in the essences of Heaven’s and Earth’s energies while facing each of the cardinal directions.   So in each new place that I travel to, I absorb and feel the uniqueness of that particular location.   It gives me a sense of place, peace and presence that is hard to describe.  But thankfully I don’t have to describe it to you because I have recently started teaching it in my Saturday 10:00am Class at Asheville Shaolin Kung Fu and the Tuesday Class at the YWCA.

I hope to see you there soon.  You can contact me at allen@ashevilleQigong.com  for further information.   It’s great to be back!












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