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Whether you are new and just starting a Qi Gong practice, or are looking to enhance your practice at home, there are some tools on my Website that will help. On the Home Page there is a place to click to view a recent class that I taught for beginners at a workshop.   There are four installments each approximately 11 minutes long.

For those looking for a full form to practice daily, I recommend ‘clicking’ on The Eight Pieces of Brocade highlighted in red on my Home Page.   The 8 Pieces of Brocade is one of the oldest and most practiced form of QiGong, and the instructor clearly explains each movement.  Please remember that there is no need to strain and work hard while practicing Qi Gong.   Feel free to modify your posture well within your comfort zone and flexibility limitations.  You will earn the benefits with practice.

The most important factors in effective practice seem to be ENTHUSIASM (have fun and enjoy the sensations produced by the movements) and FEELING being in the present moment with all awareness on your body mind and spirit.

Those of you that like to read will enjoy the books of :

Robert Peng – The Master Key

Kenneth Cohen – The Way of Qi Gong

Roger Jahnke – The Healing Promise of Qi

I have studied with each of these Masters and their books are a nice blend of stories as well as a description of various exercises and forms that have been taught for many centuries in China.

I look forward to teaching classes again in the future so we will be able to explore and enjoy Qi Gong in a group setting.  Enjoy the time and solitude that are being provided for us.  Many of you have been in touch by email asking for guidance in your practice and I enjoy hearing from you and will always find time to reply.

Good Qi, and health to all.



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