QiGong and TCM the 3 Dantian – Body, Heart/Mind, and Spirit

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are three energy centers.  They are the Lower, Middle, and Upper Dantien. (the Chinese  word for Energy Reservoir)

The Lower Dantian is where we connect with the Earth.  This is the vitality and action area.   Just like when driving a car if ice is on our path, we must have traction before moving forward.   This connection ‘grounds’ us.  It starts at the bottom of the feet up to the navel area of our body.                                                                                                      When this center is energized, we get are active and do things.    But when there is lack of Qi circulation, you may feel lazy, tired, and may be unable to pursue dreams.  You cannot act on ideas.   You may give up, feel helpless and cannot make an effort to create change.

The Middle Dantien is the Heart, compassion and love center.  It extends from your navel up to the lower jaw.                                                                                                        When this region is strong we connect with others, genuinely care for the greater good and act in the best interest for all.  But, when this center is weak and has no energy, you may feel unconnected, lonely, sad, or angry greedy, or even ‘Trumpy’.    It separates us from others.

The Upper Dantian is your head area.  It is the Center for wisdom and intuition and connection to the heavens.   When the energy is strong and the connection to the Universe and all that means to you, there is a connection to things greater than ourselves.  It may be a connection with a life purpose and aware of things that may not be material or apparent like spirit, higher being, unity, and oneness.  However if the Qi is weak you may feel confused, unclear, not sure.  It may be difficult to make decisions be without purpose or feel uninspired.

You can strengthen, attract Qi, improve Qi flow, and cultivate these areas if you practice Qi Gong exercises, postures and movements.  Meditation, Chinese or Tai massage, Acupuncture and using herbs supplied by a Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner will also get the qi flowing properly.   Also many other exercises can improve your health and well being. Just keep moving.    I encourage you to find what is best for you.  You are unique!

– People often ask me to conduct online classes.  However,  I feel that there are many Masters and teachers that provide those services. I believe that with only 25 years of learning and practice, I am like a ‘Little League Coach, compared with someone  like Robert Peng, Kenneth Cohen, Andrew Nugent Head and others that have direct knowledge learned from the Chinese Masters.  They each speak the Chinese language and have studied in China for many years (not just a few weeks ofr months) with Masters that teach this ancient  knowledge.     Find their websites online and check their offerings.  *** Remember:  Anyone can get online and post blogs, videos and information.  Just because they are online, does not make them good sources of information.  (I try to convey only information that has been taught to me by Masters)

  Also see my blog about The Three DanTian and the Central Channel for more on this subject.

There is a very good FREE video available on the Home page of this website.  Just click on  The Eight Pieces of Brocade  in red and start learning and practicing!

Good Qi.    Allen

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    Thank you Allen! Back in town and….on course here, again! Much Appreciate the reminder and encouragements! Feeling WELL!!!! Happy non”Trumpy” Year to you! Kiki

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