QiGong First Lesson

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Dao Yin – the ancient name for  QiGong  Dao – Guiding

Yin – Leading


First Objective –  FEEL Qi

Life Force energy is tangible and real, and can be used at will.

 – A major theory of Chinese Medicine states that any time there is illness or an organ not functioning optimally, it is caused by possible lack/deficiency of Qi, an imbalance, or temporary  hindrance.


Ex. #1 Bouncing/Shaking Excites Stagnant Qi and it starts moving

an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”. – Newton‘s first law of Motion


Releasing tension allows the energy to flow naturally.  No agenda, simply move freely “like a child playing in a playground.” Humming, chanting or singing may cause vibrations inside the body to enhance the movement vibrations.


This exercise organizes the Qi Field and also connects to one to the  energies of the planet on which we live.  All life on Earth draws on

the biosphere, oxygen, water and minerals for sustanance.

* Bouncing, jumping, and dancing are found in many cultures from the Massai tribes in Kenya to the Whirling Dervishes of the East.



Everything in nature is moving, circulating and orbiting.

e.g. Earth rotates in 24 hour cycles, orbits around the sun in 365 days

Our moon orbits earth in 28 day cycles.

“and the seasons go round and round” – Jonin Mitchell

Our body has several physical circulations; respiratory/breath, blood, lymph, cranial/sacral, and also has energetic properties and circulation that may be somewhat similar to electromagnetism and other things that we may not have words to adequately describe.

DaoYin and QiGong teaches movements, postures and meditations

that allow us to direct Qi in a way that is tangible, repeatable and predictable.

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