QiGong it’s all about FLOW

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QiGong is all about the flow of energy throughout our body.    DaoYin is the original traditional Chinese Medicine name for what we now call Qi Gong.             The words Dao and Yin mean Guiding and Leading.   We lead and guide the Qi to enhance the circulation and keep the DanTien (energy reservoirs) supplied with Qi.   Flowing Qi keeps us healthy and anything other than optimal is caused by deficiency of Qi or poor circulation of this life force energy.

When the Qi is flowing, it creates Guardian Qi ‘armor’ that protects our body.  The exercises, movements and meditations will enhance your health.   This circulation may move along the physical pathways of fluids throughout our body.  It joins the blood in the circulatory system, the lymph in the lymphatic system, and the spinal fluid in the cranial/sacral system for example.   But since we are dealing with energy, rather than a physical thing, Qi can also go wherever it is needed and is not limited to physical pathways.   This can be likened to osmosis where nutrients actually penetrate cell walls and it even permeates the inter-cellular spaces of our body.    And it can also be absorbed by simply being in healthy places outdoors when working or playing.  We all feel this when we take a walk through the woods or by the ocean.  So I encourage getting out in fresh air and sunshine or starlight whenever possible.

We often hear the expression “Go with the flow.”   Well that only works part of the time, when currents and flow in the direction we want to travel.   Sometimes we may have to direct or change the flow in ways that benefit us.   A Master of mine once told me, “The only fish that always goes with the current is a dead fish.”   This doesn’t mean that we have to go totally against the current or always travel uphill and make life difficult, but we may wish to tack, as sailors do.  Or maybe slalom down a hill like a skier to safely and effortlessly get to where we wish to be in life.

We do have to create some action, intention or focus and deliberately set some time aside to practice a bit or incorporate healthy movement and/or meditation into our lives.    You could practice QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga, or any exercise like walking, riding a bicycle, working out or dancing.   The most important ingredients to a heathy lifestyle are enthusiasm and dedication.  Enjoy!

Keep the Qi flowing and remain healthy and happy.


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