QiGong unites the 3 DanTian and the Central Channel

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     For the first 20 years of my practice of Qi Gong I concentrated on the three energy reservoirs.


The Lower Dan Tian is located in the navel area and the extensions that connect us to the Earth’s energy are the legs and feet.

The Upper Dan Tian that connects to the Heavenly Energies is centered in the head, and its’ extensions are the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

The Middle Dan Tian is the Heart Center that connects us as human beings to both Heaven and Earth.

However, when I first started studying with Master Peng, I learned more about the Center Channel that connects the Pearls at the center of each Dan Tian to each other. They form a pathway that connects us and our energy centers with the limitless energies of Earth below our feet and the endless expanse and source of energies of the Universe. us all.   The Earth’s energies include the resources of the soil which sustains all growth of plant life, the waters that cover 70% of our planet, the elements, our biosphere, and more.   The Heaven’s energy is evidenced by the energy of the sun, the influence of our moon, planets, stars, and much more.

As you know Qi Gong attracts, cultivates, and circulates Qi throughout our body.  Graceful movements are coordinated with focus, control of breath, intention and purpose.   We experience palpable pleasant sensations as the Qi flows.  And as we play, our attention concentrates on the movements and feelings.  The outside worldly concerns and problems disappear as we merge with nature and unify with our surroundings.  The ensuing peace of mind is why Qi Gong and Tai Qi are considered MOVING MEDITATIONS.

THE CENTRAL CHANNEL connects our three Dan Tian in our Microcosm human body and extends beyond our selves both downward to the center of our planet earth and upward beyond the top of our Upper Dan Tian into the infinite energies of the heavens.

Most importantly, the Center Channel can be developed and the pathway’s ability to connect us with the universe and our own Energy Centers.     We can think of this Channel as a pathway or road.  Like many of the roads here in North Carolina, the origins may have started with a wildlife trail.  As our native residents of this area the Cherokee and other tribes also started to use these paths.  When European settlers came the pathways became widened by use as they traveled on horseback and even wider by the carts and wagons.  Paths became dirt roads and over the years they were paved and expanded into two lanes.  As traffic increased some may have been paved and even expanded into highways.

You can expand YOUR energy pathways with practice and intention to allow for a more efficient and health-giving flow.  As taught in Chinese Medicine, optimal health is achieved when the Qi is abundant and flowing unimpeded.  Ill health results when we are deficient in Qi or there is some blockage or interruption of the flow.

Learning the Four Golden Wheels was a breakthrough for me.   As a result, It improved my Qi flow and connected me to the inexhaustible resources of Heaven/Universe and Earth.   Also my intuition improved, and I became more  adaptable to the changing conditions that we are all experiencing at this time.  I believe that you would also benefit from learning these four powerful exercises and invite you to study with me, or even better, to study with a Master.

Enjoy your practice and feel free to contact me by email.

Good Qi to all,                                                                                                                                         Allen

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