Qigong Workshop At Asheville Community Yoga In October

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Allen Horowitz of Asheville Qigong is having another workshop at the Asheville Community Yoga on October 28 & 29th. The workshop will focus on The Primordial State.

To sign up click here

Qigong is part of Chinese medicine and has been held secret until the 1980s not taught to non-Chinese,  that’s the reason it hasn’t been as popular as Yoga. Tai Chi is a Martial Art, and that’s why it has been more popular, while Qigong is one of the components of Chinese medicine. Any questions call me @ 828 216-6646

Qigong Primordial State Support Classes To Follow

In the near future Asheville Qigong will be adding weekly classes to support the students in their practice of this form. Here’s a great video from my Master explaining the Primordial Qigong form! Click the photo below to view the video

Asheville Qigong Primordial Qigong


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