September Offerings

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During the month of August I resumed my studies with Master Robert Peng and learned some new techniques while clarifying my understanding of Yi Jin Jing and his view of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong.  I took copious notes and am still reviewing them and adding the new techniques to my practice so that I can transmit them to all of you.   I also had the opportunity to take exchange knowledge with several other experienced teachers of Qigong, Tai Chi, and Acupuncturists that I encountered during the weeklong training.  Sometimes these exchanges were simply a different way of explaining a concept, and other times it was an exchange of ideas or perspectives or another style or form taught by other Masters.  It was a fruitful and fulfilling week.   – If you ever get a chance to take a workshop with a true Master of Qi Gong, I highly recommend it.  And I did learn that Master Robert Peng will be presenting a Qi Gong workshop close by in Boone, NC some time next year. (the subject and actual dates have yet to be posted)

SEPTEMBER 30 I will be offering an afternoon workshop on Yi Jin Jing which is believed to be the earliest form of Qi Gong that was brought to the Shaolin Temple by Boddhidarma in the year 523.  This form is taught by Master Peng and is thought to be the origin of all other Qi Gong forms as well as Tai Chi and all of the martial arts.  Yi Jin Jing translates as the Muscle and Tendon Transformational Classics and helped improve the health, vitality and strength of the Shaolin Monks who were enlightened, but due to inactivity and the hours of sedentary meditation had grown weak and frail.   I will teach the reverse abdominal breathing that is used with the 12 exercises of the form that relate to the 12 Qi meridians of the body.    Each exercises strengthens and increases the Qi flow through each meridian and also creates a body/mind transformation for general well being.  – e.g. the 6th Movement PUSHING THE MOUNTAIN transforms Uncertainty into Clarity and affects the Small Intestine meridian.   It’s fascinating and effective when practiced regularly.    The class will be held at Asheville Community Yoga and you can register and get more information on their website, or contact me.   The cost is $40 for the four and a half hour workshop.   Register soon as space is limited.

For beginners to Qi Gong, is highly recommend my Monday class at 5:30pm at Asheville Community Yoga.  New students are always joining so the basic movements and principals are always explained and it is a donation class, so you can pay whatever you can afford.

The Saturday class at Habitat and the Tuesday class at the YWCA are also fine for beginners and we also have more students that have been with me for a while, so I introduce more movements and concepts.  Some people have been attending both of these classes in order to practice with me twice per week.

It’s good to be back teaching again refreshed and recharged with more information and practices to pass on to all of you.  I hope to see you in class soon.

I wish you strong flowing Qi – Allen

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