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For more than twenty years I have studied Qigong with several masters.   They taught me that the key to the energy system of Qi was centered in the three energy reservoirs known as the Three Dantien.

The Lower Dantien, the most important connects us to the energy of the Earth.  It is the center of vitality, and connection to this material plane.   The extension of the lower dantien is the legs and feet.  And when this area is depleted or has low Qi flow, we have difficulty following up on our dreams and goals.

The Middle Dantien is the heart and compassion center that connects us with other beings.   The arms and hands are the extension of this storage place of energy.   When we experience loneliness, no connection with others, or anger, it can be a sign that this area needs some stimulation and flow.

The Upper Dantien, found in the head region is our connection with wisdom and intuition.    Lack of clarity, direction or purpose, might be signs that this energy center needs attention.

The CENTER CHANNEL is the connector that creates harmony, balance, and integrates the three Dantien.     It can be thought of as an energy super-highway that upon which the three dantien and the entire body can send messages back and forth as well as connect us to Heaven and Earth.

Master Robert Peng was the Master that taught me the importance of the Center Channel.   Through his teachings I have learned several exercises, meditations and healing techniques that can be learned to strengthen the connection and flow of energy and information between the energy gates and input that I receive to keep me healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Here are the instructions for a 36-breath meditation to balance the three dantien and your relationship with heaven and earth.

Seated or Standing – EXHALE directing your Qi upward from the Lower Dantien into the Middle Dantien.    Then EXHALE bringing the energy from the Middle downward into the Lower.  Passing through the Central Channel/      Allow your inhalation to bring energy, strength to activate your Heart/Mind, compassion and connections.   Then Allow your exhalation to bring compassion and love to your actions.   Repeat for nine complete breaths.

During the second round of nine breaths, INHALE connecting the Lower Dantien through the Central Channel into your Upper Dantien.   On the Inhalations bring energy to activate your ideas and intuition.   On the exhalations empower your actions with wisdom and intuition.

The Third Round.  Breath from the Middle Dantien into the Upper and vice versa bringing Compassion to your ideas and connection with the universe and Wisdom and Universe into your Heart.

Finally, Breath from the Center of the Earth all the way thousands of miles into the Universe.   Connecting the powers and Universal knowledge of the Heavens deep into the core of the Earth’s Energy and back up and out to the Universe with all of the Qi passing through your Central Channel as you become a conduit for it all. One with everything.

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