Viewing the Sunrise and Practicing Qigong

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Most of us are awake and able to watch the sunset.   This beautiful time of day is  often a colorful and peaceful ending to a day.   The daylight is replaced by a gradual darkening of the skies as the sun disappears in the horizon.    This darkness makes some people afraid.  It may represent the unknown which to some is scary.

Sunrises however celebrate the growing light, a new day, and hope.   But since many of us are not awake in the morning to witness it, fewer people may have that reinforcement of a positive outlook that is a benefit of witnessing the renewal of life in the colors of the rising sun.

So I suggest that you deliberately start your day a bit earlier by either going outside at dawn, or even looking out an East Facing window or doorway to celebrate life by one of nature’s repeating ‘miracles’.   Your day can be further enhanced by practicing QiGong, or Yoga, stretching, jogging, walking the dog, or taking a bicycle ride early in the morning.

Have a nice day!

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