What I get from practicing Primordial QiGong

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Hello Again,

I only compose a blog when I have something that I feel may be important to share.  And since I am not concerned with increasing my readership and am not trying to recruit ‘followers’, I write spontaneously and do not care about making it perfect.   But I hope that you enjoy these posts and find them informative or at least allow them to inspire thought and experimentation in your QiGong practice.

I am currently teaching only privately with a limited number of students and am not accepting any beginning students at this time.

The Primordial or Wuji Form of Qigong – the style of Primordial Qigong that I studied was brought to the U.S. by Master Teacher Dr. Zhou Hui.  I have been fortunate to study in person with two of the teachers who studied with him directly and have read the book and studied with two others.   This style, it is claimed originated from Zhang Sang Feng who is also claimed as the originator of Tai Chi (Taiji).

When this form is practiced, the movements cause one to rotate in a counter clockwise direction.   If time symbolically moves ‘clockwise’, what do you think would happen if you moved counterclockwise?  Would you be able to reverse time?   Only personal practice can supply that answer.   However, I have found that daily practice for three years helped me correct or cure much of the negative affects of my physical birth defect that had caused discomfort and pain in my ankle as I have aged.

There are two parts to the form.  They are the Earth Cycle and the Heaven Cycle.  Each is performed facing the cardinal directions.  And each of these directions have different properties and symbolism found in the Chinese Medicine Wheel.   As you face each direction you bring in the essences that are found there at the particular time that you are practicing.  So many benefits may be achieved.  As I mentioned, this may stimulate healing, or possibly give one a sense of groundedness, or the feeling that you know deeply your position in the universe.

Of course since we are also dealing with the Yin/Yang aspects of Chinese philosophy, the same exact movements may also give you the opposite experience.  A feeling of unity with the entire universe and an experience of being a part of the Primordial ‘soup’ or Wuji, where everything is one and there are no boundaries or separation.

I, of course, am unable to describe totally in words what I experience, and am okay with that.   I simply know that a regular practice of this Primordial Form helps me to deal with the challenges of living in these ‘interesting times’.   I has helped me to develop my intuition which has enabled me to ‘bob and weave’ my way through this rapidly changing world, and do what I need to do to maintain peace of mind and continue my enjoyment of this earth space at this time.

Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone teaching this form at this time to beginners, but I am trying to encourage my teacher to remedy that void in the next year or so.

In the meantime, Zhu Hui has said that:  “The form is only a vessel to get to the destination”.  The form and movements seem to be less important that the intent and actualization (more effort than visualization).  So play and experiment with your practice or meditations facing each of the directions or heaven or earth, and feel what happens.

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