Allen Horowitz Offers Qigong Classes In Asheville 


       Qigong is the self-help aspect of Chinese Medicine.   This relaxing, health enhancing system of movement enables you to increase the circulation of Qi, the life force energy found in your body and every living thing on Earth.

The movements are easy to learn as each exercise is performed 8 times.    Qigong has been proven to benefit health and well being and can be practiced in a short amount of time.    It is not a martial art, but it is the basis for all of the Chinese Martial Arts including Tai Chi.

I have been practicing and teaching Qigong and Yoga, for my entire adult life.  Originally I practiced to was to heal and overcome various physical limitations and injuries.    I turned this misfortune into a profession, so I was able to help others to help themselves by learning these techniques and others. 

My focus is on giving people the skills to assist them in healing themselves.   Some would call that 'Teaching people how to fish’ rather than 'Giving someone a fish'.

I have studied with several different masters.    My first Master, Song Arun suggested that I teach after studying with him for seven years.   I have also studied with Masters Robert Peng, Kenneth Cohen, Roger Jahnke, Minka DeVos and other excellent teachers.   I continue to study and practice daily to improve my physical, mental, and emotional health.


WHY IS QIGONG NOT WELL KNOWN?   Until the 1990s Qigong was a secret skill not taught to non-Chinese students.     


My first goal in classes is to teach people simple movements which allow you to feel your Life Force Qi energy move throughout your body.  This is not difficult, and each gentle exercise is repeated 8-10 times which stimulates pleasant sensations.  The repetitions make it easier and quicker to master than Tai Chi, the martial art application of Qigong.

Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy states that anything in your body that is not working optimally is probably caused by a deficiency of Qi, or lack of circulation of this life force.   But practicing Qigong will cultivate Qi and stimulate its flow which will overcome deficiencies and blockages.   I demystify these ancient, formerly secret Chinese healing techniques and make them accessible to all who are interested in learning and practicing.     All levels of students are welcome to all of my classes.

Some of the forms that I teach in class are: The Four Golden Wheels, Five Treasures , The Eight Pieces of Brocade, and Primordial Qi Gong, as well as meditations, and breathing exercises.                                                                     (if you click on the forms in red above, you can view videos)


The Blog Page of this website also provides some tips and information.   My goal is to teach you how to improve your life with Qi Gong.  


  at Dragon Phoenix 51 North Merrimon Ave. (suite 191)

New students welcome, all levels.  Register online at Dragon Phoenix website

All other classes are by appointment only.  Singles, Couples or small groups

       Email for more information or if you have any questions