Get To Know Allen Horowitz

Owner Of Asheville Qigong

I practice Qigong every day.   Not because I should, but because it makes me feel great!   

I was born with a birth defect that was corrected by surgery when I was seven years old.   I recovered and was able to play several sports at the intercollegiate level.  As I have aged I am reminded each morning of all of the small falls and sprains that I have experienced, by aches and pains in various parts of my body.

Qigong and stretching helps me to alleviate the discomfort so I have spent my entire professional career teaching, Qigong, Yoga and Western Exercise to share my knowledge and help others.   I have been featured in several exercise magazines and I have been a personal trainer to several Super models, actors and celebrities.    I have also been a featured speaker at the National Qigong Conference in 2018 where I gave a two hour presentation about healing my Club Foot with Primordial/Wuji Qigong.

In the 1970s I started to study Tai Chi/Taiji.   Through my Master, Don Ahn, I heard of a Chinese healing exercise system called Qigong/Chi Gong.   I asked my teacher if he would teach it to me.    However, his replay was: "We do not teach non-Chinese people Qigong.  It is secret."

In 1995 while attending The Florida School of Massage, Qigong classes were offered.   (In the 1990's the Chinese Government allowed Westerners to learn Qigong)    Qigong is the SELF HELP aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with Acupuncture, Massage, Herbs and Martial Arts.

Finding a qualified Qigong Teacher, or Master is sometimes difficult.  I have traveled all over the United States and studied with Masters Song Arun, Robert Peng, Kenneth Cohen, Roger Jahnke OMD, and had many other excellent non-master teachers.   I have been studying for over 25 years and enjoying teaching others how to care for their bodies and improve both their health and quality of life through Qigong, Yoga and exercise.

I love teaching Qigong.   At the end of each class, whether it is a group, or private lesson, each student feels a shift in physical and as well mental/emotional well-being.    A shift occurs as muscles and mind relax and the natural circulation of Qi and the physical circulations of Blood, and oxygen are pumped through the body by the gentle flowing movements of Qigong.

lt is said that Qigong is easier to learn than Tai Chi and the martial arts.    But I prefer to call it less challenging.                                                                                                                                                                           Each movement is repeated 8-10 times, so it is easier to feel the flow of energy coursing through your meridians.   Each movement gives benefit on its own.  So you can practice one movement at a time if you have time setting aside a large chunk of time for practice.  The forms are adaptable so you may practice sitting in a chair/wheel chair, or some can be performed on the floor or in a hospital bed.  And Qigong is said to be a moving meditation so it may appeal to those who want the benefits of meditation without having to sit or stand still for long periods of time.

My group lesson schedule is available on the Home Page of this website.  I also provide personal instruction by appointment at your Asheville area home, or outdoors on my garden view Qigong platform in a grove of evergreen trees or alongside the stream a short walk from the platform.   -  private lesson clients are only accepted by application and availability is limited

Feel free to email me at if your need further information or have questions.