Get To Know Allen Horowitz

Owner Of Asheville Qigong

I opened a Yoga, Tai Chi and Massage studio in East Hampton and later built a small Health Club with Free Weights, Nautilus, and aerobic machines.  I found that the Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong that I had been practicing and teaching translated quite effectively to Western Exercises.  By simply slowing the movements and coordinating with natural breathing patterns, one becomes more mindful and the exercises become more efficient and effective enhancing results.

Swami Vishnudevananda was my first Yoga teacher.   My Tai Chi studies started in 1977 in an effort to better physically contact the earth and overcome some lingering problems from my birth defect of Club Foot.  I first heard about the art of Qi Gong back in the 1980s, but when I asked my Tai Chi Master about it, the Master replied, "Qi Gong is not taught to non-Chinese."  The secrecy and lack of teachers delayed learning Qi Gong for several years until I found a teacher 1994 while attending the Florida School of Massage.

Qi Gong uses slow graceful movements coordinated with relaxed breathing that enables you to harmonize with both the Earth's vitality energies and with the Spirit/Wisdom qualities of the Heavens.  Most movements are repeated nine times.  This develops an attunement and rhythmic coordination of breath and movement, so it becomes a moving meditation.   It also makes Qigong quite easy to learn.

Personally, the exercises produced my first experience of actually feeling the pleasant, warm, tingling sensation Qi, the life-force energy present in all living beings.   The more I  practiced, the more energized I felt.

The first Master that I met was Song Arun, who taught me The Five Treasures and several other styles of QiGong.  I practiced diligently, and after seven years of study, he suggested that I teach.

I continue my studies with other teachers and Masters so I can to pass more knowledge to my students. These Masters and teachers included Roger Jahnke OMD, Don Ahn, Michael Winn, Minke De Vos and Andrew Nugent Head.   In 2018 I began studying with Master Robert Peng who has taught me the Yi Jin JIng, and The Four Golden Wheels.  I have recently returned from taking his two week Professional Qi Gong Healer's Course.  I was an amazing experience to spend 14 days with he and his assistance to learn the Yang (hands on) techniques and the Yin (energetic non-touching) techniques.   I look forward to continue to study with Masters and Teachers so I can expand both my knowledge and personal practice.

I love teaching Qi Gong.   I enjoy when each student first feels the Qi circulation.  Once one experiences the physical sensations, they become a 'World Lesson' - a tangible feeling that is so real that you can never forget it. (As opposed to 'Word Lessons' that are read or heard in a class or lecture and may fade)  You soon realize that self healing and wellness is possible and under personal control.   I make the process fun and simple.

Qi, has been measured by scientists as bio-magnetic energy.   And it is real, tangible, and easy to experience.  Once one discovers that feeling of fingers and hands tingling, a smile appears on each student's face.  And once they learn that they can repeat the experience any time, they begin to  practice and explore the healing and meditative powers of Qigong on their own.

I was honored and enjoyed being a featured speaker at the National Qigong Association conference in April 2018.   My two hour presentation on Healing with Primordial Qigong was well attended by many teachers and acupuncture practitioners, as well as some of my students.

Currently I am only teaching personal one on one classes in the Asheville, North Carolina area.   I may offer group classes again in 2022.  Continue to check this website or contact me by email.

Contact me at I'd be happy to answer questions or discuss your personal needs.