Get To Know Allen Horowitz

Owner Of Asheville Qigong

I have spent almost my entire professional career teaching people either privately, or in groups.    And the thing that I enjoy most and gives me a feeling of accomplishment and joy happens when a student that I am working with realizes that they are experiencing a positive change in how they feel.   There is a palpable improvement in their vitality and wellbeing by the end of that particular session.   They came in feeling one way and leave having received some benefit.    It is very rewarding to both me, the teacher and to the person who has gained some skill or understanding of how they can continue their journey on their own whenever they wish.

My goal, or mission is to teach people the skills to improve their lives through Qigong.  And to be able to practice on their own and take some responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.  Of course sometimes things happen and a person may contract a disease or experience an injury.   In that case, I am teaching the Medical aspect of Qigong and teach them techniques that have been effective in healing for thousands of years.

I started getting interested in the Chinese arts in 1977 when I began studying Tai Chi/Taiji the graceful, slow moving martial art.   At that time, I was already teaching Yoga, but was looking to connect more to the earth to overcome the effects of the birth defect Club Foot.  I later heard of something called Qigong in the 1980s and I was attracted to its' purported healing powers.  But when I asked my Tai Chi Master about it, the Master replied, "Qi Gong is secret, and is not taught to Non Chinese."    That secrecy delayed my learning Qigong until the 1990s when I found a teacher while attending the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida.

Qigong uses slow graceful movements coordinated with relaxed breathing that enables one to harmonize with both the Earth's vital energies and with the spirit/wisdom qualities of the Heavens and universe.  Most movements are repeated nine times.  This develops a harminizing of breath and movement, and it becomes a moving meditation.   The repetition of the movements makes Qigong easier to learn than Taiji.

Personally, the exercises produced my first experience of actually feeling strong sensations of Qi, the life-force energy present in all living beings.   These were stronger (for me) than anything I felt while practicing Yoga or Tai Chi.   And the more I  practiced, the more energized I felt.

The first Master that I met was Song Arun, who lives in Eastern France.   He taught me The Five Treasures, a form of the Eight Brocades,  and several other styles of QiGong.  I practiced diligently, and after seven years of study, he suggested that I teach.

I still continue my studies with other teachers and Masters so I can to pass more knowledge to my students. These Masters and teachers include Kenneth Cohen, Robert Peng,  Roger Jahnke OMD, Don Ahn, Minke De Vos and  Andrew Nugent Head.   Master Robert Peng has taught me the Yi Jin JIng, and The Four Golden Wheels and many meditations and other powerful movements.    I have recently learned my third variation of the Eight Brocades from Master Cohen and I am currently teaching that Southern, Active style because it is thought to be getting the best results for increasing resistance to Covid.

I love teaching Qi Gong.   I enjoy when each student first feels the Qi circulation.  Once one experiences the physical sensations, they have found for themselves  a 'World Lesson' - a tangible feeling that is so real that you can never forget it. (As opposed to 'Word Lessons' that are read or heard in a class or lecture and may fade or be forgotten as time passes)  You soon realize that self healing and wellness is possible and under personal control.   I make the process fun and simple.

Qi, has been measured by scientists as bio-magnetic energy.   And it is real, tangible, and easy to experience.  Once one discovers that feeling of fingers and hands tingling, a smile appears on each student's face.  And once they learn that they can repeat the experience any time, they begin to  practice and explore the healing and meditative powers of Qigong on their own.

I was honored and enjoyed being a featured speaker at the National Qigong Association conference in April 2018.   My two hour presentation on Healing with Primordial Qigong was well attended by many teachers and acupuncture practitioners, as well as some of my students.

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