Allen Horowitz Offers Qigong Classes In Asheville 


Qigong is the modern name for an ancient Chinese Art of Daoyin.  Dao, in this case means guiding and Yin, in this usage means leading.  This relaxing, health enhancing system of movement enables you to guide and lead, cultivate and circulate the Qi, life force energy, that permeates every living cell in everything on planet Earth.   It is one of the healing components of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with acupuncture, herbs, massage and martial arts.

I have been practicing and teaching QigongYoga, various sports and exercise systems my entire adult life.  My origianal motivation was to heal and overcome my own discomfort and pain caused by a birth defect.    I turned this misfortune into a profession so I was able to help others to help themselves by learning these techniques and others.   My focus is on giving people the skills to assist them in healing themselves.   Some would call that Teaching people how to fish’ rather than ‘Giving someone a fish.

I enjoy teaching and I love observing how people transform during a class and walk out with smiles on their faces.   They may not have adequate words to explain what happened, but they know that they can duplicate the feelings and sensations any time they decide to take a few minutes to play/practice so the benefits last and conditions and well being improves.

In my twenty plus years of teaching QiGong, I have studied with several different masters.  I generally study a form or technique and then practice it for at least one year before teaching it to others.   My first, Master Song Arun of France, suggested that I teach after working with him for approximately seven years that I should teach and share his knowledge with others.  They say that "When the student is ready, a master or teacher will appear."     How do you pick the right teacher?   You can GOOGLE that question and they have different suggestions of things to look for or ask of a potential teacher or master.   Qigong, after being secret until the 1980s and not taught to Westerners is now getting very popular.   I welcome questions and communication with potential students by email.

There is an interesting quotation from The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav.  It is said:  “A master teaches the essence.   When the essence is perceived he teaches what is necessary to expand the perception.”

People that study with me seem to learn the essence of Qigong.  My first goal is to  I assist people to discover how to perceive and feel the Qi.  This is not difficult practice.  There is nothing magical or mystical.    You will learn that feeling and circulating Qi is natural.  And you can cultivate it, guide and lead it and to increase the flow and overcome deficiencies and blockages.  In Chinese medicine they believe that anything in your body that is not working optimally is caused by a deficiency of Qi or lack of circulation of this life force.   I try to demystify these ancient, formerly secret Chinese healing techniques and make them accessible to all who are interested in learning.   All levels are welcome.

Some of the forms that I teach in class are: The Four Golden Wheels, The Five Treasures , The Eight Pieces of Brocade , and Primordial Qi Gong, as well as several meditations, and breathing exercises.  (by clicking on the Eight Pieces of Brocade, above, you can access a free video with which you can learn and practice)

            The Blog Page of this website also provides some tips and information.   My goal is to teach you how to improve your life with Qi Gong in my classes or at home.  Enjoy!


Monday December 26 is the last class for the Winter

                                                                                                                                              I will resume again in Spring of 2023

9:30-10:30am at Asia House - home of The Alternative Clinic

119 Coxe Avenue Downtown, 2nd floor

$10 fee (cash or checks only please)  -   masks required to protect the immunity compromised


       Email for more information

Private Lessons available by appointment