Allen Horowitz Offers Qigong Classes In Asheville 

Allen has been practicing and teaching Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi and Exercise for his entire adult life as the former owner of The Body Shop (Yoga, Tai Chi, and Massage Studio) as well as The Fitness Center of East Hampton New York,  Allen has taught, coached and shared his unique knowledge with hundreds of people including top professional athletes, actors and models who depend on their bodies for their livelihoods.  He has also assisted people with back problems to ease their pain and improve their alignment, as well as help senior citizens maintain their strength and continue to move effortlessly and live happy independent lives.
For the past twenty-plus years, he has been studying and practicing the ancient Chinese Healing Art of Qigong.  After seven years of study, Master Song Arun suggested that he teach and share his knowledge and understanding with others.  In the spirit of helping others, Allen offers classes at affordable rates to pass these healing benefits on to others of the Asheville community.  Allen also continues to study with respected Masters and teachers in a never ending quest for self improvement and to pass on these effective techniques.
"My goal is to teach and explain the movements, theories, and techniques that will enable my students to actually experience and feel the pure life force of Qi."  I try to demystify these ancient, formerly secret techniques and make them accessible to all who are interested in learning them.   All levels are welcome.
The forms Allen teaches are: The Five Treasures and The Eight Pieces of Brocade as well as several types of Tao Yin and other movements that are not components of forms.  He occasionally offers Workshops and special extended classes that feature Primordial Qigong also known as Wuji Qigong and in Spring 2018, he will start teaching the. Yi Jin JIngThese workshops will be posted as they are scheduled, so if you are interested, periodically check this website, or contact us to get on the email list.
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The Saturday class fee is $15,  Asheville Community Yoga Classes are donation to ACY, and the YWCA class daily fee is $10 for non-members and free for members

  •  SATURDAY MORNINGS   10:00-11:30am at Asheville Shaolin Kung Fu, 619 Haywood Road, West Asheville (shares a parking lot with the Dollar Store) $15 class fee
  •  MONDAY EVENINGS         5:30-6:30pm  at Asheville Community Yoga, North Asheville/Woodfin see their website for directions.

       TUESDAY MORNINGS       10:30-11:30am at the YWCA, South French Broad Avenue, Asheville

  •                                 Private lessons are also available by appointment.