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I have found the Empowering the Four Golden Wheels exercises, as taught by Master Robert Peng to be the most powerful quick complete daily routine that I have ever learned.  So I teach it in each of my classes.    In 15 minutes with four easy to learn movements you can clear and empower your Qi field as you harmonize with Earth and Heaven energies.  It can improve your health by coordinating your three energy centers; vitality, heart/mind, and spirit as it also aligns you with nature and all that surrounds us.  Wow!

In the years leading up to learning these movements my main intention during practice was to strengthen and empower the Lower, Middle and Upper Dantians. I gave no attention to strengthening the Center Channel that connects these three centers to the endless, limitless sources of the Universe and the Earth.   By practicing these new movements I was able to tap powers beyond my physical body.   It ‘supercharged’ my Qi flow and it directly affects everything I do as well as my state of mind.

These quick and simple movements have become a cornerstone of my daily practice and I love sharing them.  Photos and instructions are found in THE MASTER KEY (book by Robert Peng)

While I’m mentioning books, I would like to recommend Kenneth S. Cohen’s book, THE WAY OF QIGONG.   He explains the art and science of Qi Gong and Chinese Energy Healing is very easy to understand terms.

New students are always welcome to come to my classes and the schedule appears on the Home Page of this website.

All questions are welcome and answered within 48 hours.  I enjoy contact with my students and future students.

Good Qi to all, and I hope to see you soon.


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