New Class location and times for Saturday Class March 2019

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Hi Everyone,

I’d like to apologize for not posting more often.

I prefer put most of my energy into my personal daily practice, studies, and in reaching people ‘live’ while teaching my local classes here in the Asheville Area.
I feel that the most efficient use of my time is by communicating directly with my current students and people that show an interest in studying Qi Gong by emailing me.  So I am diligent in replying to anyone that emails me, and  I usually am able to get back to people within 24 hrs.

I find that one on one, eye to eye, Qi to Qi contact in a classes or private lessons is my best mode of communication.   As the old expression goes, “you have/had to be there”   I’m totally into the experiential way of teaching.   After all, can one explain to another what chicken tastes like?   It’s very difficult, if not impossible isn’t it?    Fried Chicken tastes a lot different than Curried Chicken, or Paprika Chicken, Chicken Enchiladas, or Grandma’s Chicken.   So if you want to know if Qi Gong will resonate with you, I invite you to come to a class and serve yourself a ‘helping’ of Qi Gong to see if it satisfies your taste in a personal well-being practice that has been proven effective for thousands of years.

Also I’m sorry, but I do not text.  I apologize to those of you that have tried to send a text to my telephone number.  I’m not ignoring your texts.  I’ve disabled all texting so I don’t get the messages.  Nor am I found on Facebook or any other social media.


The Saturday Class 10:00-11:30am is now held at Asheville Shaolin Kung-Fu on Haywood Road.  $15 per class.  We will practice several ways to activate, cultivate and circulate Qi throughout your body using methods that are easily felt tangibly, and are effective to open up the Energy Gates of the Meridian System.  Since Qi Gong movements are usually practiced by repeating them nine times, students find that even in their first one or two classes they learn enough to start practicing at home which increases well being, improves health and promotes an easy-going way to negotiate this interesting world in which we live.

Monday and Tuesday Classes cancelled March 18 and 19th.  I’ll be at a Master Robert Peng workshop in Boone that week.   Saturday Classes are unaffectedI hope you can all make it on Saturday 3/16 and 23rd

Big Qi to All



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